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Good day time, I do think right now you would like Jig Accessories product, and that means you are on the correct website. Right now you are examining CRL Plunger Latch Jig submit. Along with I really hope you’ll discover valuable facts throughout right here before you decide to invest in Jig Accessories item. At the moment I have to write about CRL Plunger Latch Jig. Very little information this CRL Plunger Latch Jig product is created through C.R. Laurence organization.

The CRL Plunger Latch Jig Detailed description:

Produces Clean Straight Holes Every Time Full Handle Allows for Steady Grip of Frame and Jig Nylon Jig Will Not Scratch Colored Screen Frame The CRL Plunger Latch Jig insures that you get a perfect plunger latch hole every time. The nylon jig is designed to accommodate 1/4 to 7/16 inch (6.3 to 11.1 mm) Screen Frame. Because it is nylon, it will not scratch the screen frame. It has a large, comfortable handle, which allows you to hold your frame steady. The accompanying Step Drill has a stop collar, which insures the correct depth for the Plunger Latch. Minimum Order: 1 Each Simply place the jig over the screen frame and tighten the set screw to lock it into place. Set the collared Step Drill into your drill, grab the handle, and drill. Drilling plunger latch holes has never been easier. Each jig comes complete with collared step drill.

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When you study this CRL Plunger Latch Jig, count on that CRL Plunger Latch Jig product is actually appropriate to you. If you’re more dedicated anyone even now should uncover product in addition to CRL Plunger Latch Jig, you can explore throughout every Jig Accessories group as well as work with search box with this website. Next if you’re positive to obtain CRL Plunger Latch Jig, you should just click BUY BUTTON underneath.

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